Barton Films


Barton Films was founded in June 1992. Being initially a distributor and a producer.

Its most important field is the cinema distribution within the space of the Spain. The company works with independent, European, Asian and Latin American films. A very important space is also the Basque production (both in Basque and Spanish), having contacts and currently working with most of  the Basque producers.

It also distributes material from Filmax Group and Caramel films throughout the north of the Spain.  The company has a joint distribution with Filmax, dividing the state territory, of different Basque productions.

With regard to production, the company has taken part in different social, comedy and animation productions.

Barton Films has participated in different movie theater complexes and currently participates and manages a certain number of theaters.

The company attends to different festivals and most important markets in the film industry, both state and international (San Sebastian, Valladolid, Cannes, Berlin, Guadalajara, Ventana Sur, etc.)
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