Barton Films


Barton Films was founded in 1992 by a team of professionals that had been working in the cinematographic industry since 1973; they firstly did Film Distribution, being since then their principal working area.

Regarding the Distribution, Barton Films works with independent cinema; mainly european cinema and giving special credit to Basque, animated and Basque dubbed films (nowadays, Barton Films is the distribution company with the highest number of Basque films in its catalogue). Furthermore, it distributes Alta Films, Baditri and Filmax films in the northern cinematographic zone.

In terms of production, Barton Films has taken part in several feature and short films with other Basque companies (in collaboration with ETB), in Basque productions and especially in animated films.

Regarding exhibition, Barton Films has a share in several cinematographic complexes with more than 40 screens and manages the program of some theatres.

Barton Films takes part and collaborates with ANIMABASAURI-ANIMABASQUE Basauri-Bizkaia International Animated Film Festival, Bilbao-Bizkaia Cinema and Inmigration Week, ANIMABASQUE-BUSINESS International Animation Market and several other cinematography-oriented events. Moreover, Barton Films is member of EIKEN (Basque Audiovisual Cluster) and EGEDA (Audio-Visual Producer's Rights Management Association).

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