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International sales

Barton Films owns a wide catalogue of films available for international market.

In this section, you will find all the titles distributed in Spain for which some of them Barton Films owns the international distribution rights.

In each space, there is more information about all the films. In case of needing further information about any of them, please don’t hesitate contacting us.

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Pactar con el gato


Spain 2007, Comedy

Director: Joan Marimón 

Cast: Alberto Jiménez, Pau Roca, Rose Avalon, Belén Fabras, Edu Soto, Vicky Peña, Violeta Llueca, Ma-Anne Valmeo, Criselda Naldoza, Nuria Megías, Alfredo Castellanos, Mercé Comas 

The story hinges on the notion that 'in any couple the one who dominates is the one who is least in love'.




Spain 2006-2007, Drama

Director: Alberto J. Gorritiberea 

Cast: Angel Alkain, Asier Hormaza, Oiana Maritorena, Kandido Uranga, Nagore Aranburu, Jokin Oregi, Iñaki Rikarte 

Kepa and Martin, who are both amateur cyclists and inseparable childhood friends, are approaching their 40th birthdays when the company they are both working for, Saldix Corp., is immersed in a prolonged conflict with the workers that has already lasted two years. The rumours of an imminent delocalisation, when Martin is just about to become a father, submerge him in a crisis that makes him confront Kepa, who has accommodated himself, perharps excessively, in the new situation.


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