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Order conditions

These are the conditions and instructions you will have to follow for making an order in BARTON FILMS’ website:

First of all you will have to be registered in our web site so we can know your details and speed up and make easier the process.

Please take into account that the orders are just for one title; i.e. one reference for order. In case of wanting more than one title you will have to make consecutive orders. Don’t worry it will be simple and handy. We will group all these orders so you will receive all the DVDs in just one shipping.

Once we get your order, we will activate and manage it. During the process we will contact you and inform about the availability of your ordered items and we will proved you an invoice with all the costs and payment conditions. If you accept the proposal, we will wait for receiving the written proof or deposit receipt; you can send it via e-mail to or via fax to +34 944 238 957. Once we receive it, you will receive your order in 24/72 hours.

Important notice: all the shipping costs will be in charge of the buyer and can vary depending on the destination and weight of the package. You will be informed about it soon enough.

For any consult or incident, you can contact us at

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