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Checkpoint rock - Canciones desde PalestinaBARTONFILMS has reached and agreement with FILMANOVA and K2000 for distributing CHECKPOINT ROCK - CANCIONES DESDE PALESTINA by FERMIN MUGURZA and JAVIER CORCUERA in cinemas. CHECKPOINT ROCK will be screened during San Sebastián Film Festival and will come out in cinemas on October 16th in original version with Basque or Spanish subtitles.

From the neon signs of Tel Aviv to the poverty and despair of the occupied territories (Gaza and the West Bank), CHECKPOINT ROCK approaches all sorts of musicians, travelling from village to village and checkpoint to checkpoint on a route that will change our idea of this people in conflict.

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Checkpoint Rock

Spain 2009, Documentary

This is a trip through a place which the world is always looking at but which we know almost nothing about. What music provides this mythical place with a voice and melody? Who are its most representative musicians and how do they live? What do they think about the place that they have to live in and how do they deal with it through their ly-rics and their melodies?

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